Shuttle Endeavour Lands Safely

By Maikeru
Aug 21, 2007
  1. Shuttle Endeavour has landed safely on Earth

    Even though technology continues to progress, the shuttle's re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere still proves to be very difficult and dangerous. The small gouge on the bottom of the shuttle definitely made the landing a bit more interesting, but NASA was sure the atmosphere's extreme heat would not cause any danger to the shuttle.

    It should be interesting to see how many repairs must be made to the shuttle due to landing it with the gouge.

    I'm glad to see the shuttle has landed safely... now bring on the third manned shuttle launch of the year! :)


    Maikeru Hatamoto
  2. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    Yeah Endeavour is cool, but the Space Shuttle sucks. It wwas a great idea really, yet it can't pull through since it can't go to the Moon. I say bring on the more launches before the Space Shuttle program is retired. And then finally we'll get to see how good the Orion ships will be.
  3. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    Surprised more people haven't commented. NASA really used to be the pride of U.S. Now most people didn't even know that the Space Shuttle launched or that it's called the Space Shuttle.
  4. Maikeru

    Maikeru TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 86

    That's a major P.R. issue I have noticed NASA is trying to fix... :eek:

    But with the looming retirement of the current generation space shuttle, I believe that will once again temporarily kill enthusiasm for the space program. I just hope we don't fall even further behind space programs by China and Russia. :eek:
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