Signal Freq. Problem in BIOS+

By rlb21079
Jan 7, 2005
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    I searched through the past threads and found little resembling my problem.
    I am running WinXP Home on a computer I just put together, some of the parts: SOYO KT880 Dragon 2 MoBo, Connect3D Radeon 9200se, Vison 19B LCD Monitor. After performing a Windows Update and rebooting the machine my monitor began reporting "Signal Freq. Out of Range". The problem exists when I enter the BIOS and during the Windows boot screen, but functions 'okay' after reaching the login screen.
    Also, two errors have occurred concerning the loss of communication between my monitor and video card during normal computer operation (once before & once after the OS update).
    I have attempted to roll back (and afterwords reinstall) my display adapter to no avail. I have read here that if the problem is in the BIOS then it "cannot" be a driver issue. However, my BIOS was set to allow Windows to configure non-essential plug-n-play devices. I may attempt to undo this setting but will have to do it blind using the MoBo manual.
    I do not know if these two problems are seperate... I have worked with computers for a long time but am unfamiliar with this problem (I've never assembled a computer before - but I've seen it done a bunch of times :)
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    p.s.: attached is an error report generate by ATI
  2. rlb21079

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    Problem (1) is fixed, I did a manual CMOS reset. Problem (2) may well be fixed too, I found one mistaken BIOS entry.

    Hello to all - I am new to the forum (and an obvious newbie at that),
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