Sil3114 sata controller usage?

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I heard there are multiple ways to use this controller and id like to be able to use the sata ports like any other sata ports. I plug in a drive and itll show in windows, nothing with RAID or JBOD at all.

Every guide ive found describes how to format drives into raid arrays. I dont want that.
Hmm, i get that, But doesnt it format my drive if i use jbod?

Would you take a 250gb drive full of data and specify a JBOD size of 250GB and filesystem and then pray all your 250GB of files are intact?

edit:Sorry, im just very pissed atm. Hard to give good answers. The problem is this:

I used to use the nforce4 sata controller on my mobo, but its busted now.
There is a SiI3114 controller on my mobo too, which is a good thing.

The bad thing is I cant get it to detect my drives so they would show in windows. It just states that there are no logical drives and gives up. Touching the create new array/JBOD just seems scary, because i think itll just overwrite everything.


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Driver Needed

The SiI3114 controller needs a driver for windows to detect it I do beleive.

Other than that just hook it up, install the driver and all your data will still be on the disk.
Hmm.. Ill try that.


WEll, now it did detect the drives in windows. BUT, it says all the space on the drives is AVAILABLE, and asks me to create RAID arrays.

The drives wont show up on diskmgmt.msc either.
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