Sims 2 university_code.exe virus?

By tedus987 ยท 8 replies
Jun 4, 2011
  1. hi just ran AVG and surprise it says that the sims 2 university_code.exe is a trojan even though i rarely went on my PC yesterday and all was fine and it was just after a new update.

    i need to check if this is a false positive because i beleave very much so that it is and also malwarebytes has picked up nothing. all i want to do is see if in the next few hours if AVG has made a mistake... again.

    i'm going to treat it as a FP till i get facts as this is the 3rd time AVG has done this to me, and the 3rd time avg has tried to kill one of my games with it's ideocy.

    after all the more thorow and of course better mapwarebytes says it's nothing so, i'd rather go with that than have my game code distroyed by AVG.
  2. Broni

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    Unfortunately, AVG is know for creating quite a few false positives.

    When in doubt...

    Upload files in question to for security check.
  3. Bobbye

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  4. Broni

    Broni Malware Annihilator Posts: 54,256   +383

    I see. I'm out of here :)
  5. tedus987

    tedus987 TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 194

    not the same, that was the sims 2 ep 9 or something stupid like that, this time i'm my product code record, dose AVG have it out for sims 2 or something.

    and this is a compleatly diffrent file all together.
  6. tedus987

    tedus987 TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 194

    did the scan... only AVG noticed it as a virus... yeah, a F/P

    Antivirus Version Last Update Result
    AhnLab-V3 2011.06.04.00 2011.06.03 -
    AntiVir 2011.06.04 -
    Antiy-AVL 2011.06.04 -
    Avast 4.8.1351.0 2011.06.04 -
    Avast5 5.0.677.0 2011.06.04 -
    AVG 2011.06.04 Agent3.JVI
    BitDefender 7.2 2011.06.04 -
    CAT-QuickHeal 11.00 2011.06.04 -
    ClamAV 2011.06.04 -
    Commtouch 2011.06.04 -
    Comodo 8947 2011.06.04 -
    DrWeb 2011.06.04 -
    eSafe 2011.06.02 -
    eTrust-Vet 36.1.8366 2011.06.03 -
    F-Prot 2011.06.04 -
    Fortinet 2011.06.04 -
    GData 22 2011.06.04 -
    Ikarus T3. 2011.06.04 -
    Jiangmin 13.0.900 2011.06.01 -
    K7AntiVirus 9.104.4769 2011.06.04 -
    Kaspersky 2011.06.04 -
    McAfee 5.400.0.1158 2011.06.04 -
    McAfee-GW-Edition 2010.1D 2011.06.04 -
    Microsoft 1.6903 2011.06.04 -
    NOD32 6180 2011.06.04 -
    Norman 6.07.07 2011.06.04 -
    nProtect 2011-06-04.01 2011.06.04 -
    Panda 2011.06.04 -
    PCTools 2011.06.03 -
    Prevx 3.0 2011.06.04 -
    Rising 2011.06.03 -
    Sophos 4.66.0 2011.06.04 -
    SUPERAntiSpyware 2011.06.04 -
    Symantec 20111.1.0.186 2011.06.04 -
    TheHacker 2011.06.04 -
    TrendMicro 2011.06.04 -
    TrendMicro-HouseCall 2011.06.04 -
    VBA32 2011.06.03 -
    VIPRE 9483 2011.06.04 -
    ViRobot 2011.6.4.4496 2011.06.04 -
    VirusBuster 2011.06.04 -

    so 1/42 scanners found it a threat... the people that make AVG need to grow up. it's a good service not a overreactive one.
  7. Bobbye

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    Last time around:

    Win32/heur sims 2
    Your comment:
    My question:
    3. Please explain what this 'one-time' refers to:
    Your reply:
    We have already been over this very same thing. Either change the AV or learn to check the AVG Forums if your suspect a FP.

    If you want us to check for malware, you already know the drill.
  8. tedus987

    tedus987 TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 194

    no, it's fine.

    once i have the money i'll get kasperskie for XP.

    and i did try the avg forums but it seams no one's posted anything yet i think no one has noticed, but if it's 2.8% chance, i think AVG is just being stupid, i now know it is a false positive.

    and since i got back online i registered every sims 2 product with EA so all those are now safe.

    sorry for the inconveniance, i know it's AVG acting up because when you don't do anything between a scan finishing last night and one running this moring then the chances are it's AVG not the file.
  9. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Okay then- let's close this thread.
    You both asked and answered the same question as last time, so I though you would already know the route to take.

    Yes, it probably was "AVG being stupid"-again-which is one of the reasons I not longer recommend it.If you do ever have any doubt, the only way to make the determination is to go through the scans and examine the entries.
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