Skype audience hears voice AND output, also echo

By Marty9231
Oct 8, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I'm posting this for a friend:

    He's had a very unfortunate history with his headsets. He has had multiple headets on multiple different computers, and he's had trouble with all of them.

    His problem is that while he was in skype, we (his friends) could hear not only him, but also his own output and our own echo. This has been a very, very strange thing, because he has disabled every sound device (yes, also stereo mix) but his mic, and he turned his volume way down. The echo problem is the worst when he unmutes his mic, and then slowly gets less with time, but the output problem always remains.

    He has had this problem with 3 out of 4 headsets, one of which was the same as I had at the time while I had no trouble at all. He has always used stereo jack headsets.

    His current headset:
    Razer Carcharias

    If anybody would assist with this issue it would be much appreciated.


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