Slow boot up with windows xp home edition.

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Jan 22, 2006
  1. Hi Guys! Hope some one can help , i have a AMD3000+ Processor with 1 Gig DDR400 Ram, Gigabyte GAK8NSC939 M/B, 128MB 8x AGP Video Card, 2 DVD Writers, 1 SATA 160Gig Drive (Boot Drive), 1 IDE 60 Gig Drive, 56k Modem, Wireless network card and a adsl router connected. My computer boots and runs ok but it takes ages to boot, once the windows xp logo with the green bar loading has gone it takes roughly 2-3mins to actually get into windows yet after a fresh install its boots quickly into windows. any suggestions?
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    i'm not sure if this will actually help..but click start, run, then type msconfig and enter..on the boot.ini tab change the TIMEOUT to 3 seconds and check the box that says /NOGUIBOOT. Then go to the Startup tab and uncheck unnecessary startup programs and the same for services, though if you don't know some services it is better to leave them on. then click okay and reboot to see what happens
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    Slow Boot Up

    Hi, I managed to get into that program msconfig, but there was no tab for the boot.ini. ?
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    Slow down folks................
    Careful Careful Careful

    dont start messing with MS Config utility unless you know what you are doing...

    hold on while i type some info see my next post in a couple of mins
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    Slow Boot

    OK Here goes.........

    Startup Programs are not the main or only reason for slow boot!!!!

    You could seriously mess up systems Functionallity by disabling vital system components or components of your programs. or even prevent your system from starting up.

    Best to Disable unwanted startup components from OPTIONS / SETTINGS Menu's from within each indivisual program.

    Usually you would Uncheck the Start with windows, Run at startup, Start automatically etc.. options from the tools, settings, options of your software.

    Generally even with 20 startup items you can still get good startup speeds Just by keeping your system Clean, If you dont use A Cleanup / Maintainance utility then use the microsoft Disk Cleanup utility First!!

    Start my computer > right click Your Main drive (usually C:) and select properties, Click Disk cleanup and wait for analysis to complete..
    You will then be presented with a window with safer cleanup options.. no harm will come from selecting all the options, and from the more options menu also remove "all but the last restore point from system restore"

    after you have done that Defragment the system and do not use any programs while doing this (temporarly disable any active downloads) and close any open web pages.

    This will speed your system overall.

    If you have more serious problems and still have problems then get back to me and I will endeavour to Give you indepth instructions on how to cure.
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