slow windows file sharing..caused by rcp patch?

By zer0
Sep 29, 2003
  1. Hi guys,

    at home i have 2 pc`s with 100mb nics into a 100mb switch. If i ftp from a to b i get the maxixmum unilisation out of my network cards ( around 11,000k sec) if i use windows file sharing i get about 11% utilisation from my B pc who is receiving. A->B is slow, B->A is quite fast at around 80% utilisation.

    i know windows file sharing is not great but something has heppened recently on the pc, any advice would be cool.

    the more i think about this the more i beleive it has to do with the RCP (nt authority shudown) patch that came out recently, windows file sharing uses port 135 and if so wouldnt the rcp bollocks have to verify each packet of data travelling accross my lan?

    if so how can i get rid of this?? i have ftp set up on my lan mut windows file sharing is convenient :)

    cheers for any advice

  2. StormBringer

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  3. zer0

    zer0 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i thought i would coz it applies to both aspects, networking and the OS itself.

  4. jmiller123456

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    Did you ever get a answer on this. We are running into the same problem....
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