SLOWWW boot in WinXP Home

By jwazevedo
Oct 31, 2004
  1. Hi Folks,

    I have a 3-yr-old Sony Vaio laptop, FXA36, with a one-year-old HDD. My boot has been slowing down lately. Sometimes it takes a half hour to get fully into Windows now. Coming out of hiberation is a hit-or-miss proposition. If I restore the system within a short time, the re-boot is fine, but if the system sits for several hours, the restore from hibernation sometimes fails (LSA Shell InPageError).

    Updated anti-virus software gives the machine a clean bill of health, as does SpyBot S&D. Chkdsk says there's no problems with the disk.

    Any ideas?

  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Hibernation really is a hit or miss proposition on perfectly fine systems.

    What you may try doing is disable hibernation, reboot. Reboot again for good fun. Then re-enable (oh, reboot. Yawn.)

    Also, I'd have a good look at the registry if a cold boot is failing.. there may be some bad settings, or lots of unneeded settings.

    A defrag can't hurt things either.

    I recall somewhere that Hibernation when a computer (processor) is at full load or large numbers of RAM transactions are occuring can be a bad thing to try. I don't have a link at the second.. but you might try closing down as much as you can before hibernating, saving files, disable seti (or similar, and if applicable), etc.

    Let us know what you try, and what you see. I would also run another full scandisk and check for bad sectors so forth- that pagefile error is concerning.

    And of course with a laptop hardware failure is always an option..
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