Smartbox PC-30 A webcam driver?

By toxic girl · 6 replies
Aug 29, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, I've been reading this forum and I finally decided to join. I need help with web cam I've got from a friend a long time ago and I've lost box with driver CD. It's Smartbox pc30-a but when I Google it I don't get anything. I found one page that sells this camera and here is the picture. If anyone knows this camera and knows where I can get the driver please help. Thank you

  2. toxic girl

    toxic girl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    james thank you soooo much. Actually I am Croatian so no problem with this. thank you 100 times again. I'm still wondering about this brand smartbox, it' selling here very well, and there's no info about it
  3. Bartica

    Bartica TS Rookie

    That is so funny, I'm from Croatia too, and I have a same problem. Can you help me with that?
  4. toxic girl

    toxic girl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    everyone sorry for talking in croatian: nažalost ne mogu ti pomoć, evo nakon godinu dana potrage nisan ništa pronašla, ta marka je meni misterij, kupila sam creative kasnije i prezadovoljna san, i mislim da su sad kamere dosta jeftine pa nemoj se mučit sa tim driverom
  5. Bartica

    Bartica TS Rookie

    Ej ma hvala ti sto si mi uopce i odgovorila. Bas smo smotane! Hihi
    Odusevila sam se kada sam saznala da si iz Hrvatske i da nisam jedina izgubila cd!
  6. cepinac

    cepinac TS Rookie

    If anyone needs drivers for smartbox pc-30 camera, you actually need to download these drivers from sonix web page, model no. is SN9C103
    smartbox just put their label on products but sonix is actual producer, so download drivers, install and then plug in usb camera and that is it
    i've tested it and it works
  7. skvAjzer

    skvAjzer TS Rookie

    Hello there. I have some drivers for smartbox camera. I could upload them and send them if you are still searching for those drivers
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