Solution: computer restarts by itself, why?

By jobeard
Jun 22, 2008
  1. Symptom: At various times or activities, your system may restart right in front of you and you
    loose all your work! $*&% Windows! :mad: it's just not fair!

    Analysis: There are times when it is desirable to just attempt to get things
    going immediately rather than presenting a BOSD and halting (eg a server of any kind).
    However, most of us don't run servers and the restart only hides the problem,
    which then never gets fixed and some time later, it's bound to reoccur :(

    So how does the system get configured for automatic restarts and how can I stop it?
    (this will cause failures to produce the BSOD ...
    but you will know it and then be able to document and research HOW TO FIX THIS $*&% condition!)

    Get some coffee (or your favorite beverage) and be prepared for a repetitive list of tasks ...

    how to fix:
    login as an Admin account, run->cmd services.msc and you will see a long
    list of programs (ie services) some of which are actually used :)

    First, click on the column heading Status twice; this will bring the running programs
    to the top. You will only need to deal with these and can ignore the remainder of the list.

    ok, here's the repetitive part;
    1. dbl-click on the entry to get the properties for the service
    2. click the Recovery Tab
    3. you see a list of First, Second, Subsequent failures
    4. CHANGE ALL of them to Take No Action
    5. click OK to save this change
    pick the next in the list and repeat.

    When you're done, reboot the system to make these changes active.

    Any failure will now halt the system with a BSOD and you can now reseach how to
    resolve the issue to avoid further BSODs.
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    That's fine. Personally I usually use google and it gets me to Microsoft one way or the other :)

    The intent of the topic however, is stopping the reboot cycle so as to enable debugging.
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