Sony laptop screen problem

By golden
Oct 3, 2008
  1. Hello everyone,

    I got a sony laptop, the screen was working ok, until it just went black, how would I know if it the back light that need charging or the inverter, or just the screen?

  2. Julio Franco

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    Please try to post in the appropriate forum at all times. I just moved two of your posts. Support will hopefully come soon from our members. Good luck.
  3. N1nJa

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    Two possible problems and their outcomes;
    1) You backlight died/burnt out. Resulting in black screen while your computer is on.
    2) Loose connection between you computer and the screen. A simple smach to the side can make the connection bad and inturn make your screen go dead

    Suggested solution: Send your computer back to the manufactuer if you are still under warinty. If you are not take it to someone with proper certification at a local computer store.
  4. golden

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    Hi, am in training at the moment so am buying fixing and selling Laptops! so I need to sort it out my self , thanks so mush for your advice! I check the backlight and see if it that!

    Kind regards

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