Sony Vaio Laptop Black, Dark Screen On Start Up and remains

By okiegirl
Oct 29, 2005
  1. I purchased this computer recently "as is". The screen is dark, black upon start up and remains this way. The operating system works fine as I can use a flashlight over the screen and navigate anywhere I need to go. I have ordered the recovery dvd from Sony and am awaiting that to see if it helps. This system is currently running XP Home Service Pack 2(I was told it was added and not the original that came with the computer. The computer is a Sony Vaio VGN-A290. Can someone suggest some troubleshooting for this problem or let me know if it is a driver, software or hardware problem? My next step after I receive the Recovery DVD from Sony, if that doesn't work, will be to take it in for repair, which we all know can be costly. I can provide any additional information if needed. I've been using computers since 1990, but not that good at driver, video card, hardware problems, though can follow instructions. Thanks in advance, okiegirl.
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    Sounds like your LCD is bad.

    Sounds like you have one of two things going on: either a bad inverter board, or the flourescent tube in the LCD is dead.

    The inverter board is fairly easy to replace, and costs around $100. The flourescent tube is a much more troubling issue - generally the only option is to replace the entire LCD, and they do get expensive. Some repair shops claim to be able to replace just the flourescent tube - this can be a little less expensive. But it's hard to find a repair shop that can do that.

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