Sony Vaio Z freezing like there is no tomorrow

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Dec 7, 2010
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  1. i have sony vaio z. bought it 2yrs ago and this is my first major problem with this computer. it freezes A LOT. CPU is always running below 10% and about 2gb of my 4gb is used mostly. there is nothing wrong with the temperature either. sometimes it makes high pitched screeching noises from the base of the laptop. sounds like the hard drive but not sure. also when it freezes, the hard drive light stays on until it unfreezes. sometimes it freezes so hard that i have to force restart it. i have posted this concern on the malware section of this website and done a lot of virus scans and it came out clean. also, sometimes when it freezes, a black screen appears saying operating system not found, in which case i just force restart it again.

    when i click on vaio care application, an app i use once a week to clean my laptop, a pop up comes up saying external component has thrown an exception. and "to run VAIO care program, you need to log in to Windows with an account that has administrator privileges. VAIO care will exit."

    could it be that some of my applications are bugged??

    thank you!!
  2. hongtd

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    help!! :(
  3. Route44

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    Let us approach this first with harddrive diagnostics. What make is your harddrive?
    If you can't find it download and run the nifty and free little utility called SIW. It will have on the left screen a row of icons to choose from. Click on the Storage Devices icon and in the larger right hand screen it will give you name of your harddrive.
  4. hongtd

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    Toshiba mk3252 gsx
  5. Route44

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    Okay, then go to Seagate's website and find their excellent harddrive diagnostic utility called SeaTools. It is free and completely safe and will work on Toshiba harddrives.

    Burn the utility to a CD, place in CD/DVD drive and reboot. The utility will take over almost immediately.

    Run the S.M.A.R.T., Short DST, and especially the Long DST tests. This takes time but well worth it; don't skip any of the tests and do in the order I gave. Get back with he results.
  6. hongtd

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    sorry for the late response. i did all the scans and my computer passed in every test. im getting a feeling that it might be a registry corruption issue?

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