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Sound Device Problem

By virus_kontrolle ยท 13 replies
Feb 22, 2005
  1. Heyy - I'm new here, just signed up to see if I can get some help on this problem I'm having. Sorry if anyone has asked this before, so if you don't mind, bear with me.

    My system is a Dell Inspiron 8600 - got it several months ago and it's been working perfectly. I've been happy with it until last week. The problem's been driving me crazy and I've done everything I know to try to fix it - just doesn't work.

    My system:

    Dell Inspiron 8600. Intel Centrino 1.5 GHz. 512MB RAM. Microsoft Windows XP Pro. 60GB HD. 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo. SigmaTel C-Major Audio (not sure if that's the codec/driver or sound card itself - sorry).

    This kinda started a week ago - not sure if it's due to something I installed. But the only recent things that I've installed is the Microsoft Beta version of its Antispyware.

    It started off with winamp screwing up, saying that I've got no sound driver to play music. I reinstall my drivers, which are off from Dell - and the music works. After using it, I'd shut my computer down, and turn it on say the next day to see the same problem. I reinstall driver and it works. Next time it would not. But sometimes I would start the computer and open up winamp to find the music playing - so I never really know when I gotta reinstall my drivers. But once Winamp works, quicktime may play only video and no sound. But sometimes it works perfectly. It's just really random. Reinstalling my driver seems to fix the problem, but it's annoying the way I have to test to see if my sound works, then reinstally it EVERYTIME it doesn't.

    It's not just that. Windows Media Player doesn't recognize my sound device AT ALL. I've gone to device manager and checked the thing a thousand times, and it says there are no hardware conflicts, and that the device is working properly. I disable and enable my sound driver and try WMP again, but it's still not working. I head to control panels and check out my sound options, which are totally blocked off because even THAT says I've got no sound device. But then at the same time, winamp plays music through my laptop's speakers.

    I'm not sure if any of these programs will relate to my problem, but i've tried reinstalling the K-Lite Codec Pack, as well as some DIVX bundle, and my sound drivers, and I've even tried reinstalling WMP10. Nothing works.

    Winamp detects my sound device and can play music - sometimes. When it doesn't, i reinstall my sound driver and it works. Same with quicktime - but quicktime plays the video without sound, doing a better job than winamp playing nothing. But WMP10 is sounds totally dead to me. I've installed several codec packs, DIVX/XVID, all sorts of codecs and nothing works.

    This problem has been seriously driving me nuts for the past week or so. I just don't know what to do, so please help me if any of you know what's wrong. Thanks!
  2. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 109

    A lot of times all these media players tend to fight one another. They all want to be the default player for this that or the other thang. DIVX is a crappy codec known to have compatablity issues. A lot of people use it because it's free including the encoder software, and you can successfully compress video to webable file sizes.

    My guess is you've got a couple of apps steppin on each other. I'd suggest removing apps one at a time until you (hopefully) regain stability. I'd start with that M$0ft beta stuff. Beta bad unless you enjoy being a guinea pig.
  3. virus_kontrolle

    virus_kontrolle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    heyyy thanks for the reply - I've been waiting. I'll try that out, and will probably remove the antispyware thing. Thanks for the advice!

    Anyone who knows another solution or something like that - please tell me... I'd like to have all possible solutions. This thing's been killing me for the whole week :(

  4. honestmungo

    honestmungo TS Rookie

    A solution

    Hey guys,

    I've had problems with my sound the last couple days too. I would install my sound drivers and they'd be running without conflict in my device manager but when I opened my sound options in control panel it showed 'no device'. I went to numerous forums where they all told me to uninstall my drivers and install them again, or to enable sounds in windows or to install non-WDM drivers but nothing worked! UNTIL today. I came across a post(sorry, can't remember where...) that told me to make sure that my 'plug and play software device enumerator' was installed. AND IT wasn't! Installing it was kinda complicated and involved copy and pasting this:

    md \temp
    cd \temp
    copy %windir%\inf\machine.inf \temp\allmachine.inf
    copy %windir%\system32\drivers\swenum.sys \temp
    copy %windir%\system32\streamci.dll \temp notepad \temp\allmachine.inf

    into cmd line and then opening the allmachine.inf with notepad and erasing what was on line 20(or so..)
    under the line [ControlFlags]

    then adding new hardware through the control panel
    select pick a list
    and click on have a disk
    and choose the allmachine.inf file that is in the c:\temp folder
    it will give you a new list of devices you can choose and the 'plug and play software device enumerator'
    install it
    and then reinstall your soundcard drivers!

    *please note* These are very general instuctions. They were laid out much clearer on another post. I wish I had the link for you but with this information I'm sure you'll find it if you look.
  5. virus_kontrolle

    virus_kontrolle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks youu

    man, thanks for the help! I'll see if that's the way to fix it!

    I still have the problem, but it's much better than before now. I realized that deleting the prefetch files (which I do often) was one element that screwed things up. I began stopping my deleting of those files, and each time my computer starts up my sound device is detected.

    But then when I start neutralizing several unrequired processes on the task manager the sound device, for some funny reason, is not detected again. Weird.

    But thanks anyway!
  6. genericuser100

    genericuser100 Banned Posts: 17

    Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator missing

    Using the steps from the following Website I got sound back.


    I have sound back too.
  7. aleks

    aleks TS Rookie

    Sound problem

    Ok , here's my problem .. can someone please help ? :

    I installed windows XP [upgraded fron windows 98] and my sound isn't working ...

    I reinstalled the drivers over and over and all i hear is a repeating sound when one is played ...

    i mean .. click on the volume icon , in the tray thingy , turn the volume up and you would hear a sound . well i hear ~ less then a second of that sound , repeating endlessly -_-' ..

    I've had this problem before , under windows 2000 and seldom , windows 98 .

    Pleeeease help :| ... :confused:
  8. ziga321

    ziga321 TS Rookie

    I am just here, posting my 1.post, to thank you honestmungo, on how to reinstall software device enumerator. I was going to reformat for that matter, but than again it is not needed any more. Thank you very much!!!

    EDIT:I forgot that i have my sound back, thanks to you.
  9. RichMan

    RichMan TS Rookie

    Problems with sound

    OK i bought a Dell Inspiron E1505 in August 2006 and just last week i lost my sound a message poped up when i logged in saying that my sound has been automatically uninstalled so now i have no sound and this loud beeping noise keeps happening when a pop up comes up for anything! can someone please help me out or tell me a website that i can get a free sound device from it says i have no sound device on my computer anymore

  10. kail

    kail TS Rookie

    Please help me.

    Sound Driver works properly, but Pc telling "No audio device " and Sound and Audio Device Registration is in unactivation.

    I did ways All I found, but it didn't works.

    Plug and Play Software device enumerator listed in the Sytem Device at Device Controller. So, the solution related this problem not works for me

    Also, Onboard sound card changed to the other sound card.

    through DXDIAG, music test works properly. but, sound test not works.

    I think it works in the part of hardware, but windows has unknown problems with working sound card.

    I don't know what I have to do. Please tell me how to solve it in the other way.
  11. JonnySSS

    JonnySSS TS Rookie

    BRILLIANT!! I've been downloading and reinstalling drivers, troubleshooting, uninstalling, rebooting, etc. for WEEKS. Finally someone gave me the answer. It's so infuriating when the troubleshooting says that the device is working fine. All I had to do was search for "services," double-clicked it and looked for audio. Bingo, not enabled. Double-clicked, enabled, re-booted, and now it's the Cranberries? I don't even know but I'm happy~!
  12. gincuncais

    gincuncais TS Rookie

    delited sound device

    I exedently delited my sound. How can i get it back for free?
  13. hoy

    hoy TS Rookie

    you have to download updated driver for your sound card to work properly.
  14. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,430   +185

    1) If you're running XP make certain you running XP SP3! (sp3 has a sound driver integrated which is required and must be patched in correctly yourself if u have sp2 or 2)To find your Driver files (including Audio)
    Click for the driver page listed by System Vendor Find your System Vendor, click for their driver support site. Enter your model number, then download your drivers as needed
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