Audio Sound works with one window at a time

I have looked everywhere for a solution for this problem I have. I've even gone to other forums to ask around, and no one knows anything about this issue, or how to fix it.

My system is an HP Pavillion dv5 notebook
Intel(R) core (TM)2 Duo PC p8400 2.26 GHz

As far as my sound goes I have:

IDT High Definition Audio Codec
NVIDIA High Definetion Audio

Here's my issue:

My sound works when I have one browser open at a time. I can watch netflix, hulu, youtube, anything that has sound. For only the first browser I have open. However, when I have multiple browsers open, the sound won't work on the 2nd one.

Here are a few examples:

1) I used to play World of Warcraft. If I logged on ventrilo, and then WoW, I would have sound for vent only. If I logged onto WoW first, and then vent, my vent would have no sound.

2) I currently play league of legends. The interface is in one browser, and when a game starts, it opens in a separate window. Most of the time, I have no sound when I am playing League. I've done almost everything I can think of to try to get sound to work. I've worked with computers for years, and I am currently working on my A+. This seriously has me stumped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Which version of Windows are you running? and what Service Pack level? Are you current with all Windows Updates?


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Not wanting to repeat what others have written, but there is an option in 'Speakers', 'Properties', 'Advanced'.
Two tickbox options, 'Allow applications to take exclusive use of this device', if of help, on my Windows 7, both boxes are ticked.