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Jul 23, 2007
  1. I have a ASUS P4P800 and i uninstalled my main soundr driver. Everything else is there, the codecs,etc. I've tried everything and i can't get it. Ive looked over the net to find a soundmax driver but it says no device found. I looked for new hardware and everything. Also i don't have the disc, i remember a friend of mine a logn time ago gave me a site to install my sound and it worked i just dont know it anymore.Someone please help
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Download the driver from here and install it. When it tells you to reboot, do so. Your audio should work fine after that.
  3. reinoj201

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    I downloaded it and opened my winzip extract and when i opned Setup.exe i get a message saying " Cannot Install: SETUP or INSTALL program filename contains folder information. Use Actions/Checkout instead. HOw do i fix this i cant even install it. I then dragged Setup.exe to desktop and opened it and it says: Error Installing iKernel.exe (0x10000)
  4. reinoj201

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    I installed it and went to my device manager and im seeing Multimedia SOund driver with a explanation point on it. It wont let me update the driver. Im also seeing it in bottom right hand corner on my computer but it has a red circle over it and i cant click on it. how can i fix this?
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    Reinoj is doing this for me and yes on the bottem right is the soundmax icon with a red circle and a line going through.. When I first installed what Rage_3k_Moilz gave me.. it worked i restarted but then right when my comp turned on it said " ADI Codec driver missing ".. help plz!
  6. sGReseT

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    Anyone Help!?
  7. sGReseT

    sGReseT TS Rookie

    yo man i fixed it my self son
  8. sghiznaneck

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