Spotify releases list of 2014's most streamed artists worldwide

Justin Kahn

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Music streaming service Spotify announced its most popular artists of 2014 today. Topping the list is UK artist Ed Sheernan as the service's most streamed artist worldwide. Other notable mentions are Eminem, Katy Perry, Pharrell, Coldplay and Iggy Azalea.

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Sheernan? Really?
Notice the absence of Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber? Taylor pulled her stuff off and it made news, I don't keep up with Justin's stuff, but maybe his stuff isn't on there either. I wonder how the Spotify list compares to the list of money made on tour by artist. I'd guess there are few notable differences, and we shouldn't conclude that high spotify popularity belongs to the most popular musicians.


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Thank you Justin Kahn! Before I was pretty sure I didn't need a streaming service, and now I'm 100% positive.
Notice the absence of Taylor Swift ....[ ]....? Taylor pulled her stuff off and it made news...[ ]....
I was in a music store a while back, and spied a songbook entitled, "Taylor Swift, Easy Guitar". I wondered to myself what other kind of guitar Swift could possibly play.
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