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By ScottyJnr7
Jul 8, 2007
  1. I've had a bit of a look around the forum and a few others but havn't been able to find a fix for it yet, figured it was time to ask.

    So recently I've been playing around with my pentium 3, as it plays games better than the parents P4 (the P3 has twice as much RAM)

    So while configuring the windows security settings to how i like em (crtl-alt-del logon's, secure user names, passworded admin account etc.) I changed a setting that I was going to get onto fixing the next day, basically the PC would stay in a sort of stand-by mode with fans etc. still running when the PC was turned off, so I had been (as stupid as it is) just shutting down windows to this 'stand by mode' and pulling out the power cable.

    Next day PC wont turn on, so i do all the normal checks, cards, HDD's, RAM and everything... still nothing. Then magically today it turns on but the monitor comes up with the 'Cable connected?' thing. So i think to myself Damn it I've fried my graphics card. So i put in another old card (been used in the PC and worked before) and the same problem.. so i chucked in another old card (just to be sure, also used in the PC before) and still the same problem.

    Some system specs (from my memory :S)
    AMD 800Mhz
    2x 40Gb HDD
    In the PCI's I have: A game controller, Ethernet card
    And a sound card
    All cards tested are AGP

    If anyone can help me out I'll be very greatful.. my apploigizes for being so long winded :p
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