Standby/Hibernate no longer functioning

By melrowgo
Nov 12, 2008
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    Laptop: Fujitsu Lifebook T4020D
    OS: Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 SP3
    Device Manager shows ACPI-compliant devices enabled

    Up until the last few weeks, I had been able to invoke Standby and Hibernate modes on my laptop. I ran into a display issue that I couldn't readily fix after my son borrowed my machine (need I say more?) but a call to Fujitsu took care of the problem. I realized a few days later that I had lost the Standby functionality and noticed that the Hibernate tab was missing from the Power dialog box and I could not choose Standby as an option in the Advanced tab. Investigation online indicated that I likely had lost the APM from my machine, but I can't imagine how that would have happened given what I had fixed. Just in case there was some latent issue with the video driver, I reinstalled the latest update but got the same result. I even went as far as running "sfc /scannow" from the Run command to verify that everything was okay, but still having the problem. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions, short of reformatting the HD. ;)

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    Thanks for the link, CCT. Unfortunately, this link tells me how to change the Standby button to a Hibernate button when I would go to the shut down screen. My problem is that I don't even have the option of the Standby button (it's grayed). The APM control is not present at all in my power settings, either on shutdown or in the Power module through Control Panel. It's just not there.

    For example, when I click on the Power module through Control Panel, I used to have a Hibernate tab, plus I used to be able to select Standby as an option as a power setting after a certain amount of time or when I close the lid. These are no longer present.

    Thanks again for the post,
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