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By naeman
Mar 1, 2008
  1. Okay so my friend bought a copy of knights of the old republic 2 for pc a few days ago. Admittedly it was probably not the most reliable person to buy it from, but we're convinced the disk itself works.

    And I'll say right off the bat we know his computer has the right requirements as far as space and memory go, its a very recent computer. I suppose hardware and configuration are the main concerns.

    This is how he describes the problem:
    "it does the intro and then this like screen of random colors pops up and then it goes to a black screen and u can heard the bg sound and can see ur mouse but u can't move it and it stays on that until u end the program"

    This happens after the character creation process, directly between the star wars scroller and the prologue video.

    We tried turning off videos under configuration and the games doesn't do the "weird color thing" but still goes to the blank screen.

    A microsoft error report comes up every time he tries it.

    We have not tried the readme file mainly because we have no idea where it is. any help his greatly appreciated!
  2. mailpup

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    Newness of a computer is not a good indicator of whether it meets gaming requirements. What CPU and especially what graphics card do you have? If it is an integrated graphics solution, I would suspect that is the problem. However, we don't have enough information to make that call yet.
  3. naeman

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    sorry for not being too computer savvy, i don't know exactly what you mean by what cpu...but here's everything I do know-

    When we look under control panel > display > settings, we see the graphics card as being: " plug and play monitor on movile intel 915gm/gms,910gml express"

    The OS is windows xp

    He uses an intel celeron m processor

    The computer itself is a dell inspiron b130 and its a laptop.

    I can get you any information you want I think but I probably need an explanation on how to get it. I'm good at using the internet, not so much with all of this technical computer stuff.
  4. mailpup

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    CPU is the processor or Central Processing Unit. In your case it's a Celeron M something or other GHz. Anyway, I suspect the integrated graphics does not support the game and/or vice versa. While many games can be run on laptops, yours seems relatively weak. Even if you had a desktop with those specs, you would likely have trouble running most games.

    Check/click this thread for more information on checking your system requirements for games.
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