Start-up Problem using Windows XP

By Meacher
Jun 28, 2005
  1. recently my computer has not been starting correctly, when i turn it on it goes through the bios goes past the WindowsXP logo ..then it says something about Winlogon.exe and restarts . ill find out exactly what it says but it might take a while as its restarts every time it gets to the error.

    thanks in advance for any help
  2. Kersman

    Kersman TS Rookie this XP Home or Pro? Are you using SP-1 or SP-2? Is your BIOS up to date and accurate? Have you checked the state of your memory using memetest86?

    I recently had something similar to this happen to my's not fun at all. Mine kept hanging on a certain file, however, and I never got a notice regarding Winlogon.exe. To fix my problem, I had to use the Windows CD to access the recovery console and then run fixboot and fixmbr...for good measure I ran chkdsk afterwards. After all of that, my machine rebooted but functioned at a reduced performance (some 80-90% less system resources). I then had to do a repair install of the OS from the Windows CD. This might fix your problem, it might not...I would check to see who else replies and whether or not they have other suggestions as there could be other problems.
  3. Meacher

    Meacher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im not sure what windowsXP it is ... when it shows the logo it does not say unlike this pc which say Pro. I know that its Service Pack 2. ive plugged the HDD into this PC and run CHKDSK and defrag. neither worked but i do have acces to all the files. i had a look at replacing the Winlogon.exe but no change even replaced with an older version it still gives same error ... im gonna go find out exactly what the error is that it gives me now. bear with me...

    thanks :)
  4. Meacher

    Meacher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok 30mins later .... the error im given actually changes slightly ...

    Winlogon.exe - Aplication Error

    An Exception Unknown Software Exception (0xc00000fd) Occured In The Application At Location ** 0x01153bba or 0x10003bba

    Click ok to terminate the program
    Click Cancel to debug the program

    *ok* *Cancel*

    thats the error ... after about 3 seconds of displaying it the computer restarts back to bios. and continues the loop untill i get a headache watching it :p

    Thanks in advance :)
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