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By danaar
Dec 14, 2006
  1. First, I did a google search and a search on the forum but couldn't find a solution for my problem. If I missed something in my search, please post a link and I'll follow up on it.

    I just installed a new motherboard in my computer. Prior to that I'd been running Windows XP home edition (sorry i can't remember all the specs on the computer). I backed up the files, did a virus scan and there didn't seem to be any problems other than the motherboard not consistently communicating with the peripherials. This is basically the same motherboard that I had before.

    Now that the new motherboard is installed, the system won't finish start up. It flashes the Windows start up screen for 1/2 a second then gives me an error page saying that Windows didn't start properly and do I want to start in safe mode, safe mode with prompts, safe mode with networking, start from the last windows configuration or start windows. It will count down to 0 from 30 if I do nothing and try to restart. If I attempt to start windows, it goes back to the screen showing the Asus motherboard graphic, flashes the windows start up screen and back to the error screen. If I tell it to start in safe mode, it gives me a long list of drivers then a black screen before attempting to restart again.

    After flashing the windows screen I see a blue screen with white print that doesn't stay long enough for me to read any of the error messages. (I'm assuming it's listing error messages, it flashs too fast to actually read anything).

    As I'm getting this far, I'm assuming this is a Windows problem but should I be looking at my hardware again? I've tried booting with the Windows disk but that doesn't make any difference at all.

    thanks in advance

  2. chuck4456

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    System Specs

    Could we have complete system specs?
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