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Feb 16, 2007
  1. Anyone know how to give a startup program permission to start so you don't have to click on allow whenever you reboot your computer. Program in question is MSI's dual core monitoring software.

    P.S. Anyone got a 8800 GTS mine runs at idle around 65-68C, that sure seems hot to me. I have decent size case with inlet fan and rear exhaust fan.

  2. robin_bga

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    You question is not clear. what software is asking you to start yor monitoring it a firewall? is the software itself? explain more and be more specific.R
  3. Nodsu

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    Usually there is a "don't ask me again" tick box in these firewall prompts.
    If not, you should be able to define this program as "allowed" somwhere in the firewall configuration.
  4. cogenmaster

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    RE Program Control

    Sorry I was not more precise, in vista when some programs run you get a pop-up box offering you to allow or deny the progam to run. It is not the firewall software it something new in vista, I personnally find it rather bothersome. When the dual-core monitoring software launches at boot-up I get the message box asking me to allow or deny program launch, whereas say my avg anti-virus just launches at boot without having to allow it to run. I am sure there must be a place where you can allow programs to start-up without microsoft asking me whether I want to start it or not.
  5. tweaks_sav

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  6. Rick

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    I think what you are referring to is a result of UAC (User access control).

    I haven't committed to Vista yet, but from what I've read it seems as thought it attempts to mimic how Linux / Mac OS X handle user accounts. The idea is even administrators don't have system-level permissions, so you can't break your own system. As a result, you get prompts to authenticate every time you do something that is beyond the scope of normal usage. However, I have also read that Vista's implementation might be excessive.

    Here is a guide on disabling UAC, although this may not be the smartest thing to do... but certainly an option if the nag screens you are seeing are a result of it.
  7. cogenmaster

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    User Account Control

    Thanks Rick that is exactly what it is and it is really annoying. Pops up when installing software and launching countless apps. It might be a good thing but I think it is a little to intrusive.
  8. Rick

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    I'm actually pretty disappointed to see UAC so easily defeated. If it is so simple to bypass that you can use msconfig, what's the point?... And it looks like tweaks_sav beat me to it. ;)

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