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By qwerty007
Mar 9, 2006
  1. I just bought a laptop second hand. It's a microstar and its
    system specs are
    *2.6Ghz intel pentium 4 desktop prossessor
    *256Mb RAM (it has 2 slots only one uesd)
    *3x USB 2.0
    *1x firewire port
    *1x RCA video port

    When I got it it had Fedora Core 4 a Lynix based OS on it. I could not install xp so
    I tried xandros (Lynix). That worked but i did not like it so i tried xp again. It started to work but then it crashed and a blue screen came up with
    and these numbers:
    "0x0000000A (0xFFDBF5C4,0x000000FF,0x00000001,0x804EBAC7)
    I managed to install XP after a couple of tries and every now and then I can get it to start up but usually it just stops, goes to the blue error screen and reboots itself after 1-2 seconds. I have turned off autoboot. It also doesn't want to boot off battery. I have bought a new power adapter as it did not have the correct one when I bought it (requires 19v 6.32A. it had 19v 2.4A.)
    I have been HERE.
    Also I ran AVG 7.1 and there is no virus. Please HELP!!!
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