Strange audio setup through microphone

By Fox425
May 30, 2006
  1. Ok so I have a problem with my microphone and speaker. You may have heard of the voice comms program Ventrilo, which is what I use to chat to friends. However, recently, there has been a strange problem.

    The people on this program seem to hear audio from my computer, even when my speakers ARE ON NO SOUND. I originally thought that my mic was too sensitive and was picking up even the faintest of sounds, but now I know something strange is going on.

    So for example, I'm playing music, but I turn the speakrs right down so I cant even hear it. Now when I talk to people online, they can hear it...even though I cant.

    Very Confused
  2. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    That's because your midi mix board is "mixing" the sound, as it should. Your mic is just one channel of several channels of sound sources. The only solution is not to play music when you're talking on the mic. You might try turning the mic level up to max and the wave channel (i.e. music) to minimum. You'll then need to crank the volume on your speakers to max so you can hear the music. They should hear you louder then the music, but they can still hear the music a little when you don't talk.

  3. brewtis

    brewtis TS Rookie

    okay, if you are using ventrillo this problem can actually be fixed. Ventrillo has a setting to disable the mixing of "what you hear" with your out bound audio. If you open the setup window and on the voice tab look for an area that has hardware input mixer, and on the mixer pull down if it has anything selected it will be mixing that channel with your out bound channel. Simply change the channel to none and it will no longer mix anything into your mic channel. there problem solved now you can listen to music and everyone wont know you listen to ashley simpson : ) let me know if you cant find any of these settings
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