Strange internet error

By Petes
Jul 17, 2013
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  1. I was installing and uninstalling some software for our label printer at work on a windows XP computer. Then, the internet stopped working on the computer(but not exactly, I'll get to that). When I was uninstalling the software (Custom Quicklabel Omni Software) a message popped up saying it was uninstalling something that may interfere with other programs (I think it had to do with .net framework) and I clicked "yes" to the prompt.

    But here is the strange part, if I open firefox, from the firefox homepage I can do google searches, and after doing a google search, I can click on the google "images" tab and it loads images too. If I type in or any other address into the address bar on any browser, it will say it's not connected. If I click any of the links from the google search those pages will also not load. The status monitor also says it's sending and receiving data. The internet also works on every other computer. We also tried running a hard wire to the computer instead of using the wireless adapter.

    I also tried doing a system restore, no luck. Plenty of restarts etc.

    Any ideas?

    THANK YOU, (this computer is where people clock in and clock out so I got to fix it)
  2. LookinAround

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    Don't know why .net framework should affect your browser and google but, in any case, many apps rely on it (it's from Microsoft). Microsoft Update should tell you what .net pieces to reinstall.
    Run Custom (not Express) updates. Install all critical updates and any optional updates related to .net. Keep re-running Win Update till it says no more updates.

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