Strange solution of memory problem

By fbieler47
Mar 15, 2006
  1. I've had nothing but trouble with the memory in my computer. Fails memtest if it runs it at all, Any memory fails, 1 gig sticks 512's doesn't matter, they all fail in my computer doing memtest86 V 1.65. Put the ram in my other computer, it passes with flying colors.
    My usb TV is out of sync, audio slowly lags until it is impossible to watch people talk, I guess I must lip read a little, If I shut off the tv and turn it back on it works for a few minutes until it starts to lag again, and it seems that I am watching Iron Chef.
    I've been on the support phone for about three weeks, daily trying to find out what is wrong, found it today, I have to turn off USB legacy support. What the heck does that have to do with my memory? I've been through a lot of grief with this, formatting weekly, reloading tons of programs, and I would sure be beholding to someone that could explain what the problem was. If this is posted in the wrong spot, I apologize, but I thought it was a Mobo problem.
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