By N3051M
Feb 3, 2006
  1. Hey guys heres one for you all to ponder….
    Ok, just then I was reading through some of TS posts and surfing the net and such, well not really much surfing, just checking mail when Spybot came up saying that something was trying to change the registry (IS toolbar I think) so I clicked on the second button. Now, this is problem #1. I’ll explain in detail later… so anyways after a few popups of the same msg it auto-checked the remember my preference box and then all these system msgs (like when msn pops up to tell you someones on or something) and kept going and going so I right click it to exit the spybot resident.. took me a few tries but it did it. So by then I was er.. ok.. :suspiciou then continued reading various other posts..
    Now, fast forward some time from that incident, half the windows is closed (I take my time reading, so I use the ‘open in new window/tab’ command a lot and being dialup you see my pain of having to reload the post list page again and again..) it was running slightly laggier but not much noticeable and then I see I have new mail on msn so I went the usual msn msnger>open inbox etc then it opens it.. after that I wanted to open a new tab to go to open a page from my favorites, did that, see problem#2.. by then I was like, strange… then I alt tab to the techspot window I was reading while that thing is loading, it was alright, but I couldn’t scroll or anything. Exept maybe change tabs to the next post/threads and close tabs.. by then I was guessing that the memory might have been a bit choked up so I decided to close the window. Guess what. I couldn’t. Normaly as most winxp users would know, you can just click on the x to close and if the program was stuck, clicking on the x would allow you to force an ‘end program’ just like you would have done in task manager in the other windows os’s.. but in this instance I could do nothing. No clicking anything in the _#X bar, no right clicks, no alt+f4 not even a ctrl+alt+del combo (but what I do get (audio wise) using that combo was something similar to what you’d get when you say run into something restricted.. but I am admin-level rights on xphome), interesting note: start button still worked but nothing but the all programs menu you can click on, and even after that clicking/hovering above anything had no use.. and log of/shut down didn’t work so I had to hard reset to write this msg for you…

    Problem#1: refers to the dialogue box. When it popped up I could read the msg and some error code thing (sorry forgot what it said) but the buttons with the last line of the box.. so you see two half-buttons on either side of the box with something that has a capital “A” in in the sentence and the other with a capital “D” on it. The ‘d’ one had a blue highlite so I assumed it was the normal one to press etc.. the other half was like the rest of the box and had the help link and the preference box on it, so can anyone tell what I pressed on? :D

    Problem#2: refers to the favorites drop down menu. Clicked it, only a small 5x5pixel grey sqare box came down and nothing else.. used the favorites button, the side thing popped up but stayed white (as if still loading or something)..

    Anyways, just curious as why this happened.. maybe my liberal use of tabs in IE6+msn toolbar and new windows, the fans appering to be running in overdrive :hotbounce or just plain weird..
    Don’t think it caused any damage although I’ll run chkdsk and other scanners later just in case :)..
    and I predict some of you will be telling me to use firefox- I tell you, its downloaded already.. just want to do a bit of cleaning before I start installing stuff again…

  2. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    That should be the second thing u install after the updates for Windows......
  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 2,115

    hehe.. just went there =) although on a side note .Net framework 2.0 is out..
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