Supercharge your Productivity with These Clipboard Managers

By Jos
Aug 12, 2016
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  1. The clipboard is a fundamental part of any modern operating system that even the least tech inclined are familiar with. It is one of the greatest features the point and click interface brought to personal computers, and you don’t need to understand the mechanics behind this invisible, temporary storage system in order to copy and paste your way through text, images and files.

    The clipboard has evolved significantly throughout the years, but for all its usefulness, operating systems like Windows and macOS seem content with offering basic functionality and letting power users with more specific needs use third party clipboard managers.

    Here are our favorite options in a few distinct categories for both desktop and mobile.

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  2. gregzeng

    gregzeng TS Enthusiast Posts: 48

    On Windows, I use "Clipboard Magic", but now I'll try your suggestions for a while.

    ClipboardFusion is also available for Linux & Windows, so I'll try that as well. Normally in Linux, I use ClipIt.
  3. johnniedoo

    johnniedoo TS Rookie

    When I moved over from macs to windows in 2006-2008 I had to find a copy paste replacement. since then I've been using 'Clipboard Recorder' probably long since without support but it works and has worked flawlessly for 10yrs, now in windows 10 x64 too. amazes me, no idea what issues that might be hidden from me, but it manages all kinds of cut/copy/paste formats from audio, video and more. using version 4.0.3 standard by LW-Works software did it in 2007 I think. my needs are certainly limited but it has kept on ticking all these years, no crashes no security issues,so far, I suppose I might have found out after over 10yrs of use.
    that' s it. Oh, and it has been free all this time though there had been a non nagging suggestion in the 'about' to support LW-Works software by purchasing the professional license , I have not been able to track down just where one might do that, been since 2007 that I tried without success to do just that.
  4. lazer

    lazer TS Booster Posts: 111   +26

    I have been using Clipomatic for so many years and it works so easy I forgot maybe there is something new and better,
    but what the hell, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so I will continue with this really great program that just sits in the background and just simply works fine.

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