Superman/Witcher star Henry Cavill upgrades to an Nvidia RTX 3090


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What just happened? Henry Cavill, Superman and The Witcher star and now officially king of the nerds, is updating his gaming PC with a new RTX 3090 graphics card. The actor has long been vocal about his love of PC gaming; back in July, he posted a video in which The Man of Steel built a full gaming computer, though it didn’t all go smoothly.

In Cavill’s latest Instagram post, he writes: “My Christmas break is creeping ever closer and I have some projects to attend to. The second one is definitely the Christmas tree....”.


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It seems the first project Cavill is referring to is upgrading his PC with Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Founders Edition graphics card. Back when he built his rig earlier this year, before Ampere’s launch, the Warhammer-loving Cavill installed an Asus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB ROG Strix Gaming OC.

Getting hold of any RTX 3000-series card is a near-impossible task right now. Perhaps Cavill secured one at launch and is only now getting around to installing it, or maybe he nabbed one from eBay; it’s not as if he couldn’t afford to pay the high prices. Alternatively, Nvidia could have sent him one for some publicity—Cavill does tag NvidiaGeForce in his post, and the account is one of nearly two million to have Liked it.


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While the graphics card has been given an update, the excellent Fractal Design Define 7 case remains. It appears Cavill is using the chassis’ vented top panel, preferring improved airflow over sound dampening.

Assuming there are no other changes, here’s his updated hardware list:

If you've never seen it, jump to the 2:30 mark in this video to see Cavill flying the PC flag.

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Yeah all due respect I fail to "grasp" the point of this "article".

He's not a bad guy but he's clueless and certainly irrelevant in the hardware world.
He might not be hanging around the usual tech or influencers, but his relevance is on another level than the likes of Linus and MKBHD. Those two gets around 40-200k likes for their hard work on Instagram, Super Witcher got 2.1 million likes on his influencer post for that GPU. I think, manufacturers are a bit more interested in that amount of likes and exposure to 14 million per post.
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It’s amazing to me how multimillionaires don’t have beast rigs.

Many of them build PC’s that aren’t top tier.

I got my 3090 before him, but I know he’s got wayyyyy more money.



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He found one cause he has millions maybe? can spend a ton of money to get one. They are out there but at extreme prices
He found one using his x-ray vision, duh.
Right. They say it as if someone with the money he has would have real-world issues like the rest of us! I bet you it was as simple as him saying "I want that now!" And about an hour later one of his many assistants came back with it, or he could probably just call the company and have one brought right over!
They say this as if he has to deal with real-world issues like the rest of us! It was probably as simple as him saying "I want that now!" and some under-paid, over-worked assistant ran right out to get it. Or, more than likely he simply called the company and had one brought over immediately. If he really wants to be a regular joe then he should've had about a couple months worth of tweets & comments about the frustration of finding it for a decent price, and the annoyance of having to wait weeks for delivery! THAT would've been more realistic. He really is superman, he can purchase/receive expensive gaming equipment faster than a speeding bullet! It's amazing how much easier it is when money isn't an issue!


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It’s amazing to me how multimillionaires don’t have beast rigs.

Many of them build PC’s that aren’t top tier.

I got my 3090 before him, but I know he’s got wayyyyy more money.

Yup, in fact, other than his choice of an AMD 3000 series processor versus my Intel, our machines are almost identical. In fact, even his monitor of choice uses the exact same panel as the one I chose. Both the Asus PG279Q and Viewsonic XG2703-GS have the same AU Optronics AHVA (IPS type) panel 1440p@165hz with gsync hardware support. I'm sure he could afford a Samsung G9 without batting an eye, yet he's down on the level with us normal folks for hardware. I appreciate that.

I bought my 3090 on launch day, but got lucky. 1440p@165hz + RTX 3090 turned out to be a smashing combo for Ultra ray tracing settings in Cyberpunk 2077. Almost as if I planned it? Hmmmmm....


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My local computer shop had 3 3090s on the shelf when I was there Tuesday, but they want $2100+ CAD for them...


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It’s amazing to me how multimillionaires don’t have beast rigs.
Maybe I'd be amazed if there was a multimillionaire who truly needed one and didn't have one.

As to multimillionaires who don't actually need one, who are adverse to bad deals, and who typically will only make purchases they feel smart about -- that'd be much more in line with the multimillionaires I know.



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Correct. My very extrapolation of the difference between geek & nerd, qualifies me a nerd.

So to my next point, a person can be a nerd AND a geek, but the 2 can also be mutually exclusive. There are nerds that don't step a foot into Geekdom, and vice versa. We all know one geek that can't do math or science for the life of em, and a nerd that doesn't know the difference between a Gnome & an Elf, or a Ryzen & a Tiger Lake. It's a jungle out there.