Svideo from laptop

By djmartin6
Nov 6, 2003
  1. I just bought a cable to connect svideo on my laptop to connect to my tv.
    This worked fine until I tried to play a movie.

    My desktop appears on the tv but when I play a movie from my "divx" or "Windows Media" players, the screen in the player is blank on the tv yet I can see the movie on my laptop's display.
    What can I do to get this to appear?

    Any suggestions appreciated!:)
  2. Camp0s

    Camp0s TS Rookie

    Hi, from the panel driver of your video board you should select the option to "make TV my primary display" (this is an overlay issue).

    Then you will see "black background" on the laptop's wmp, and full screen movie on Tv.

    This is how i do on my Ati IGP320 notebook.
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