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Sep 10, 2009
  1. Is there a way to set a system sound to notify you when an internet connection has failed / returned in Windows XP pro? Or is there something already in place which may be one of those 'silent' WAV files included in Windows?
  2. Bobbye

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    I checked the 'sounds' in Control Panel> Sound & Audio Options> found possibilities here:

    Device Disconnect
    Windows Logoff

    Set sound for either or both. I don't know if this will work for what you want though. Maybe a better way is to have 'Wireless Network Connection' and 'Connection Speed' icons set to Always Show' in the Notification Area, You would then see a red X over the icon if the connection is broken and If the system is trying to reestablish the connection, you would then see a yellow arrow going around the single screen.

    Right click on Taskbar> Properties> Taskbar tab> check 'hide inactive icons'> Customize> find each of these and highlight> set to 'always show'> OK> Apply> OK
  3. strategic

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    Hi Bobbye, thanks for your reply, although my PC is a laptop, it's wired through LAN for better speed. So although my network connection is good, it won't tell me anything about the internet connection.
    System Notification, Feed Discovered, and Search Provider Discovered are 3 events which the system sounds set for them were very low volume, so I opened all 3 with the Windows Sound Recorder and raised the volume on those wav files so they're noticeable. Now I just have to wait for next time to see if it helps.
  4. Bobbye

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    I'm also using the laptop. I don't know if any sound goes off because I usually see the red x if connection breaks-or-if I try to access a page while I'm on the internet and get that 'connection error' I sometimes notice the red x and yellow arrow.

    I think I'm trying to tell you to rely on the icons, not the sound. Or if you're losing the connection frequently or regularly enough, call the ISP.
  5. strategic

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    Yes, I'm aware of losing the connection the same way- that's when I get upset, then I'll go and do something else and not know when it comes back. The ISP keeps telling me they don't see any problems, that's why I'm still trying to win the war to stop this P2P downloading going on here. Maybe there might even be an application out there that sits in the system tray and beep when the connection is limited and beep when it goes online again...
  6. Bobbye

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    You know- I think all ISPs have a conspiracy going: mine has never-not ever- taken responsibility for any problems I have: the two most frequent problems? Losing the connection and having 'speeds' way under what I'm paying for!

    IF you have P2P players as neighbors, then I can see why you'd want to keep track. IF you need to track seriously, get Network Magic and set it to track the connections. That way you'd have hard copy to present to the ISP!
  7. superty12

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    Do this for LAN

    Do this for LAN then:
  8. strategic

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    Awesome idea! Thanks for that Bobbye, I never knew Network Magic had that capability. I used it a while back originally with my old D-Link router (which I hated) but never used it to that degree. I'll give it a shot.:approve:
  9. Bobbye

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    You're welcome! NM was what got my network mapped and up and going after I failed to do it myself. In Network Tasks, you will choose 'Network History' -it's all there!
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