T-Mobile adds 4.4 million new customers in 2013 thanks to UnCarrier strategy

Shawn Knight

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Last year may very well go down in history as the year that T-Mobile turned the corner. Fresh off a failed takeover bid from AT&T, the struggling wireless provider broke all the rules in 2013 with its UnCarrier strategy and...

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Good for T-mobile, I hope they'll continue improving their coverage for me switch.


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I've been with Tmobile for ages now. I was on one of their prepaid plans for years and now I just moved to a postpaid plan because I decided to upgrade to the Note 3 and I financed it through them (I put $200 down to get my monthly payments lower). Anyway, with their prepaid plan I was getting unlimited talk, text, and data (first 500 MB at 4G speeds) for $50 a month and now I'm getting the same via postpaid. While some ppl may need more data, I'm fine with this because I connect to wi-fi hotspots most of the time when I need to download something.

The only issue I've had with Tmobile is their coverage is spotty. I get 4G LTE where I live and it's blazing fast, but traveling just 15 miles south I'm knocked back to their Edge network, which is painfully slow. Their are a few places where I get absolutely no signal, which is when their free wi-fi calling has came in very useful. Hopefully, they'll get their coverage issues worked out in the future. They seem to have done a good job getting their 4G LTE network up and running so we'll see how it goes.


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I'm willing to bet that this recent move by T-Mobile was heavily motivated by the content industry whom are fighting against the ISP industry.