The Best Desktop PCs 2021: Pre-Built FTW?!


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The omen price is probably what I spent to build my current 3080 system. I bought a prebuilt system from China initially with a colorful 2070, 16gb ram etc for about a thousand dollars on impulse having been a console gamer all my life. I then realized that pretty much all the components inside were crap, or I wanted more power, so I have replaced almost every single part with brand name stuff. I think the only original parts remaining are the colorful SATA HDD and three red rgb fans. Everything else has been swapped out completely. It was an expensive way to get into PC gaming, but as I did it just before the supply shortages kicked in, and got lucky getting a 3080 for only 10% over RRP, the price is probably reasonable right now.


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Those colored iMacs are really impressive computers - especially in these times of back-to-school, remote learning and the need for clutter-free desktops.

As for the "Gaming all-in-one" computers, I expect to see no less than a 3070.


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What has turned out to be real bargains, I.e. cheaper than BYO, and better than the options listed above, have been the Alienware Aurora R11's and R12's sold on Craigslist without Graphic cards. All in the $400 range and with superb specs. All one needs is a cheap non-gaming graphic card and you have a top class machine ready for general purpose apps and waiting for the time when graphics cards return to "normal" pricing.