The handle is invalid

By tlf
Dec 2, 2007
  1. when i run this vbs i get the flowing error "error executing query [error while writing a file] : the handle is invalid"
    source : ClogQueryClass

    "Set objLogParser = CreateObject("MSUtil.LogQuery")
    Set objInputFormat = CreateObject("MSUtil.LogQuery.FileSystemInputFormat")
    objInputFormat.Recurse = -1

    Set objOutputFormat = CreateObject("MSUtil.LogQuery.NativeOutputFormat")
    objOutputFormat.rtp = -1

    strQuery = "SELECT Top 20 Path, Size FROM 'C:\I386' ORDER BY Size DESC"
    objLogParser.ExecuteBatch strQuery, objInputFormat, objOutputFormat"

    anyone can halp me?
  2. weazle302

    weazle302 Banned Posts: 17

    o wow i have the exact opposite problem i dont get an eror i jest get a new catolog sent to my house every time i try to run the program i think its a virus of dooom
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