The OLED-packing, DLSS-supporting new Switch could arrive in September following pre-E3...


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Rumor mill: The long-rumored new Switch model that features a larger, OLED screen and is capable of outputting a 4K resolution is set to arrive this September, according to a new report. Nintendo is planning to start manufacture of the upgraded handheld as soon as July, and we could see an official announcement on the eve of E3, which begins on June 12.

The manufacturing and release dates come from a Bloomberg report that cites people familiar with the matter. The publication writes that a pre-E3 announcement would allow third-party publishers to show off games running on the new machine at the show, which this year will be a virtual experience accessible via an online portal or app.

Some analysts believed that a new Switch would arrive last year, but Nintendo confirmed it wouldn’t land in 2020. This year has been awash with rumors of an updated, more powerful variant, the most recent report pointing to a seven-inch 720p OLED screen and support for Nvidia’s DLSS tech, allowing it to output 4K-quality images when connected to a UHD screen. It’s also expected to be more expensive than the current $299 model. Some put the MSRP at $399, though $349 seems more likely.

There has been plenty of speculation about the new Switch’s name, which Bloomberg says is known only to a handful of people within Nintendo. Switch Pro, Super Switch, or even Switch 2, are some of the potential suggestions put forward. The Super Switch sounds like a good bet, especially as 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System’s launch.

The biggest problem Nintendo will face, of course, is the chip shortage. Suppliers say they are confident they can fulfill the company’s orders, and the fact the new Switch’s components aren’t as in demand as those in its rivals’ consoles could work in Nintendo’s favor. That’s still no guarantee, however, that we won’t see shortages.

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Nintendo's consoles don't sell because of their specs, but in spite of its specs. Maybe they are doing this, because their 3rd party support is increasing.