The sims 2 deluxe won't open please help

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Apr 7, 2008
  1. ok so i bought the sims 2 deluxe for my computer and i put it in the autorun does happen so i type D:\Autorun in the run section and it ask me to insert a disk, brand new disk no scratches or anything, can somone please help me!
  2. puredoom

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    anyone?? please?????????????
  3. puredoom

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  4. puredoom

    puredoom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hello somone help me please...
  5. puredoom

    puredoom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    let me ask my question again ok i put the disk in and it doesnt do anything... so i go to run and type D:\Autorun and it tells me i need to insert the disk, this is the only disk i have im trying to install the sims 2 deluxe i only got 2 disk, 1 that says the sims 2 deluxe and a bonus DVD was this spose to come with other CD's? i bought it new and still wrapped in plastic is there somthing else im spose to install first????????
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    please help me!!
  7. puredoom

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    help a poor noob
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  9. puredoom

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    fine! ill go ask yahoo answers!
  10. gamerex

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    Total wait time for posts: 3 hrs. Click "my computer" in start menu , press the "sims" disc icon, and you're set.
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    Okay, so i have the same problem! oh. my. gosh. i have...
    A. returned it FOUR times and none work
    B. emailed and bugged the people at EA and the sims 2 people
    C. had a computer guy come and look at it
    no one knows whats wrong but im not the only one having this problem?
    what computer year/type do you have? could it be out computers? mine is a Dell Windows XP dimension 4500 and i think i got it in 2001?
  12. mom48040

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    Manual Install

    I know this is kind of late, but... I have run into this problem before. Perhaps this will help you.

    First, create a new folder on your desktop and label it Sims 2 Deluxe.

    Put your Sims 2 Deluxe DVD into your DVD drive. Go to my computer, go to your DVD drive, right click and hit open. Click on one folder, then Ctrl-A to highlight all the folders there, then Ctrl-C to copy all of the folders. Paste them into the Sims 2 Deluxe folder you created on your desktop.

    Open the folder, and you'll see the autorun icon. Double click on it and your install screen should pop up.

    You might want to leave the folder on your desktop in case you ever need to reinstall it; I know I've had to reinstall mine several times because of errors.

    You also might want to make sure your video card is compatible with the game. Mine isn't and I was able to play it anyways, but I'm forever having problems and having to reinstall my game.

    I hope this helps! I know what its like to want to play the Sims!!!
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