Thermal compound on heat sink P4 3.2 800 ?

By Paul · 9 replies
Jan 14, 2005
  1. Can some one tell me if the intel 3.2 800 1mb processor comes with thermal compound or is there a pad included with most that you buy.just received my system and i am just curiuos if the tech installed compound or just installed it as is.Thanks
  2. zephead

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    it had better come with a pad of thermal compound, or your CPU may overheat. ask your tech.
  3. Paul

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  4. BringinHeat

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    All newer pentium 4s come with a thermal pad on the heat sink. I have a 3.0Ghz and it had a thermal pad already preinstalled on the heatsink. But i would recommened getting artic silver cuz it works better. Dont worry about it if you are not too computer savvy though. I am sure your tech guy installed the cpu with a thermal pad on otherwise your computer will overheat really quick and usually shut down!
  5. Justin

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    Careful what you call a thermal pad.

    All retail intel heatsinks come with thermal compound that when heated will become softer and fill in the gaps better, but is not a solid pad. A thermal pad is not as effective as compound, and is a solid mesh that doesn't break apart or change based on heat.

    In almost all cases, the thermal compound that comes on the heatsink is sufficient for the cpu.
  6. ellomoto

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    I would recommend not using a thermal pad, instead use artic silver...its the mutts nuts...
  7. Paul

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    Found some time to pull it and i did apply some artic silver my friend had ,Checked temps after gamiing mode ,it just went down 2 degrees.So i checked bios and it was 4 up,Not much to worrried about
  8. pizzada

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    Let me get this straight, (about to do my first build), the CPU usually comes with either a pad or thermal compound.?....but the heatsink and fan also usually come with a pad or thermal compound also ?

    I'm getting the chip only (not the retail box)...and a seperate Heatsink/Fan to go with it. If the CPU doesnt come with any pad/compound, but the Heatsink does, will I have all that I need to install the Chip and heatsink ?

    thanks ahead for the help... :suspiciou
  9. zephead

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    the heatsink comes with a square bit of paste on it, the cpu comes 'clean'
  10. Eko

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    Actic Silver no.5

    Use that. It's a sort of Chanel no. 5 for cooling. Also, I heard of Arctic Ceramique.
    If you try to overclock, be sure you use a good cooler.
    I have good results with a Cooler Master 48, but you can try Artic Cooling 7.
    Good luck !
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