TikTok is testing a Cameo-like feature that lets users buy personalized videos from creators

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Why it matters: TikTok is reportedly testing a new feature that allows users to buy personalized videos from their favorite content creators. If that sounds familiar, you aren't alone, because that’s precisely the business model that video sharing site Cameo has perfected since its launch more than four years ago.

TikTok’s interpretation is called “Shoutouts,” and it uses the social networking platform's in-app currency for payment (the same one that is used to tip creators during livestreams). According to BuzzFeed, which was the first to report on the testing, creators can set their own rates for personalized videos, just like on Cameo.

TikTok appears to be testing the feature in select regions, including Turkey and Dubai. Customers pay up front when requesting a video, and creators have up to three days to accept. The general turnaround time is about one week, TikTok notes, and your custom video will be delivered via direct message.

The feature seems to be a win-win for everyone, except perhaps Cameo. Fans get a custom video from someone they likely follow on the platform, influencers get to monetize their followers and TikTok gets an additional revenue stream.

Cameo has managed to attract a wide range of musicians, actors, athletes and influencers to its platform, some of which charge several hundred dollars for a custom video. There's nothing proprietary about what they do, so there's little reason why TikTok can't be just as successful by catering to its massive audience.

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