Toshiba DVD drive suddenly does not show up in my computer

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Dec 13, 2005
  1. hi, my Toshiba DVD drive suddenly does not show up in my computer or recognise anything that is inserted into it. when i go onto device manager there are yellow ! next to the drive. Does anybody know how i can solve this problem. I thought the drive may have come loose but i have checked inside my computer and everything is attached.

    thanks in advance James
  2. iss

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    if the drive has gone belly up there is nothing you can do but replace it. if the drive is still functional you can try uninstalling the IDe channel that the drive is on. In device manager go to "IDE ATA\ATAPI Controllers" uninstalll the IDE channel the drive is on. ( as long as it isnt on the same IDe cable as your hard drive.)
    then reboot windows, when windows restarts it will reinstall the IDE channel and the drive and if the drive is not toast this should fix your problem.
  3. jimmyt2003

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    how do you tell which each device is on
  4. iss

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    if you are running IDE hard drive then the Optical drives should be on the secondary IDE channel. look under properties for the channel adn under "Advanced" it should show the drive as UDMA2 if it says UDMA 4 or 5 then that is a hard drive.
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