Toshiba HDD is not recognized at full Capacity

By rmdl51
May 20, 2007
  1. Hello! I'm having an issue with an old Sony Vaio Laptop PCG F-350, I upgrade the Hard Drive with a brand new Toshiba 40GB, the problem is when I start up the system the Bios saw the HDD for the first time as 40GB then I installed XP on the system and crash on a BSOD, I forgot to write down the error message but that's not the issue, I tried then Win2000 but after finishing the installation it won't boot. So I went into Bios and No HDD detected, my first thought was repartition the HDD and reformat, but then every utility I've tried recognize the drive as 32 GB, so I go with Maxtor Low Level Format and run it for this HDD without any luck, I run it again and then it recognizes only 8 GB, what's wrong? I don't get it, the HDD it's supposed to be brand new, and I don't know any toshiba HDD utility to solve this kind of issues. Could you please point me in the right direction. Thanks
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    The Toshiba is currently the best laptop drive in terms of reliability and ease of use... so it is usually not a problem... but can always have been damaged in shipment.
    The Maxtor software is not designed for the Toshiba. You are better off just using windows to format it.
    You may have a Sony so old that it will only work with a small capacity drive. Some Sony units worked only with a 6.2, 8.4, 13, and 32 gigabyte drives, depending on the time and bios.. Usually, you can upgrade the bios to handle larger drive sizes. This unfortunely is not often true of Sony. They make it very difficult to make changes to older Sony VAIO computers.
    But I don't know your Sony VAIO model. My guess, from what you described, is that you need to partition the drive as a 32 GB unit, unless you can find the BIOS update on the SONY site.
    Be sure you properly configured/setup the drive when you installed it? If you bought a bare drive, and not one in a nice box with an install disk, you need to perform the format using Windows.
    There is no drive fitness software on the Toshiba site.
    Also, check to assure the jumper is correct for your cable connection. Som Toshiba drives are shipped with the jumpers misplaced.
    Otherwise, I would just find a Windows 98Se Startup/Boot or MS-DOS floppy disc from your junk box or a friend, and use FDisk to change the partitions to a 32 and an 8 GB.
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