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I have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S4817 laptop, I tried to burn some backup data to a dvd-rw disc, it started to burn, but then I received an error saying the burn failed and the disc will be unusable again, then the drive opened. Ever since that, the drive won't detect any DVD's I put in, but CDs it will. Don't think the drive's faulty because I have the laptop for about 6 months, and had absolutely no problems with the drive whatsoever, ever. I have spent like 6 hours looking online for any solutions. The "great" thing is, I recently reinstalled Windows Vista, and haven't installed absolutely none of my programs yet, which are on backup DVDs. And now I'm bored. The drive shows up as "working" in the device manager. And the drive's seen in the My Computer. The drive's name is Pioneer DVD-RW DVR K17A ATA. Any suggestions on what to do, (other than replacement) because my parents had to spend like a $100 not too long ago on a display problem with the same laptop. (I'm having headaches with this laptop.)
The drive makes a funny noise, by the way, when trying to read the DvDs, but runs normal when trying to read CDs. I tried every soultion there ever is (through Google).
Also, something weird happens when I put in a DVD. A dvd icon flashes several times near the mouse pointer. Also, it keeps making this awful noise when trying to read the DVD, don't think it's the laser problem, cause the cds work, and there's only one tiny sapphire colored laser on the drive. Please someone help!


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if you've only had it 6 months you should check with Toshiba on warranty coverage. (they will certainly provide tech support for 1 year tho it really does sound like maybe a hardware problem)

Matthew DeCarlo

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If it is making awful sounds, odds are it's defective. Optical drives do fail, sometimes in an hour, sometimes in 5 years.

Look into having it serviced or replaced.
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