Toshiba satellite virtual sound problem

Jan 29, 2007
  1. This is my first post here, my tech buddy couldnt help me with this one so here goes...

    i had problems with the virtual sound program that came with my laptop when i first got it and uninstalled it, then reinstalled it from a website assuming that the HD wow SRS program download would be the same, i guess it wasnt exactly the same.

    it would come up once, so i could tweak my listening experience then disappear into thin air, it would be in 'Add or Remove' files but nowhere else.

    so decided to download it again, from a different site this time, downloaded it, but this time it told me to restart computer to kick it in, didnt have to do that b4.

    when i reloaded my satellite laptop this HORRIFIC sound came out of my speakers and wouldnt stop, it sounded from the depths of driver gone wrong hell, so i uninstalled it, rebooted and it was gone but NOW my windows media player does not play ANYTHING and goes "Sorry for the inconvienence but Windows explorer must close".

    what gives ??????????????????????

    oh by the way i had to take it in 2 weeks ago for fixing because the motherboard quit, warranty people replaced it, boo urns.
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