Toshiba to launch glasses-free 3DTVs in December


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Toshiba says it has cleared one of the biggest obstacles for 3DTV adoption by developing the world’s first television set that won’t require users to wear special glasses to view stereoscopic images. The new Regza line of glasses-free 3DTVs will include a 20-inch and a 12-inch model and should be available in Japan by December. Before you get excited, though, we should note that Toshiba’s TVs suffer from the same the problems that plague glasses-free 3D screens: limited viewing angles.

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Anyone who buys one of these needs to hand over their checkbook to someone with a brain. Seriously - only 40 degree viewing angle, you have to sit 20" away, PLUS shell out $2,800 for a dinky 20-inch screen??

This whole 3D fad that the manufacturers are trying to cram down our throats as something "we have to have" is really getting annoying.


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Completely Agree, I even think if 3D was in full viewing range and it didn't matter how far away I was and was on a decently sized screen and cheaper than it is now I STILL would not fall for the stupidity of these company's trying soo hard to make me have headaches. The Thing is, a rather large complaint of 3D is that it gives users Headaches, I don't think there is a way round that, based on just that and the fact me and my friend went to John Lewis this weekend to get a surround sound we thought we'd try the new 3D Sony Bravia screen which had "revolutionary" 3D football and films playing, we tried on the heavy battery powered glasses and instantly didn't like that, but we kept with it and watched and it really was no improvment, actually my friend who was a 3D supporter was watching the 3D football and for the first time agreed with me and said it was a "fad".


burty17 said:
The Thing is, a rather large complaint of 3D is that it gives users Headaches, I don't think there is a way round that
But the thing is, with glasses free tv, headaches won't be a big issue. The biggest problem now is how close everything is to your eyes when viewing 3D. It's not 3D itself that's the problem, but rather how close everything is. Being able to watch 3D from across the room is easier on and the eyes and the brain. All 3D does for regular programming is it just adds more depth the picture. Nothing really "in your face".3D still has a long way to go before it's ready, in my opinion.

I can't see every household eventually having 3D tvs in their house, but I also don't see them dying out either. They will one day be just as affordable as regular tvs now, and with less flaws. Can't say for sure when that will happen, but it will happen. Just look at how far we've come with the technology. Every time it goes away, it comes back a little better. Fads generally die out and disappear, but 3D seems to taking a different route.

I agree that right now people are just wasting money. Sure it's fun in the theaters, but at home it's pointless.


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hello ...

OK, before you say here's another 3D supporter, yes i am & i agree & disagree with Tom & burty & think Guest made a good point.

1st to go BOT, Toshiba & LG both have glasses-free 3D TV under development & ready to be released by December...

It is still way too early to adopt this technology though, those limitations will soon disappear & we'll face new issues as with each & every hardware that ever existed.

for now the 3DTVs needing glasses (tried a few) are not all great, but some are just A.W.E.S.O.M.E! ... if you see things bad no matter what, well you won't see it good, that's all!

I think 3D today is good, not perfect, it will be better tomorrow, but still not perfect.

well, i guess some who said that 3D with glasses is bad & they don't think that will be worth it unless exit the compulsory same glasses will now have something new to whine about :p ...

i will just wait & see, till then they'll make something good out of it & i'll be rich enough to throw some money in :)



If you buy ANY 3D tv you are a maroon. 3D has failed again and again and again over the last 60 years, and it will be no different this time, as holographic sets already exist and have been shown at electronics expos. The 3D glasses are extra stupid, as well.

And 3D in theaters only exists AGAIN, because if a movie is run in 3D at the theater, it can't be "cammed" and then uploaded on to the internet. That is the ONLY reason they went back to 3D for theaters, it was the only way they could stop the bootleggers, and it didn't even really work.


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Wow - glad you know everyone's motives Guest. Now tell me what my wife really wants from me.


I'm sorry...what was that, guest? I couldn't understand you over all that made-up BS that was spewing from your mouth. It's people like you that hinder new technology. Has 3D come and gone? Several times, yes. But it always comes back slightly better. Just look at the difference between Spy Kids 3D and Avatar. The technology has shown that it can be improved. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's going to fail. Just look at how much money 3D movies are bringing in. We live in a time where if we see a great money maker, we stick with it and try to make it better.

It's annoying right now, that's for sure. But we've shown that we can improve the technology. I think it kind of naive to say that it will never make it. Just because hologram technology is coming along, that doesn't mean 3D is going out the window. There are things each technology can offer that the other can't.

At the moment, I like watching 3D movies at the theater, but not watching regular programing on tv. Without the glasses, I wouldn't mind. So I'm pretty much half and half on the technology right now. But I do believe we will see a great change as the years go by.