Total confusion involving Bios and File Access, help please

By janedoe1611
Jan 14, 2005
  1. Alright so here is my situation...

    I am a film maker and beginner in computer world. I was just using our old compaq presario for editing and general use and it was beginning to get way too slow for me to work on. So i decided to build myself a new computer.

    After installing all the components I tried booting it up and it did not do anything, the motherboard would turn on and the fans would work but the dvd rw and cdrom drives did not work neither BIOS or Windows XP would start. The light on the keyboard and mouse were also not lighting up.
    My friend said that it was probably a problem with the motherboard so i sent it back to the company and they are currently shipping me a new one.

    Now the strange thing is, when i put my hard drive (the only peice of the compaq that i did not replace) back into my old PC and tried booting it up, it did basically the same thing, no bios or windows but this time the drives worked.

    If anyone knows what may be my problem please do your best to help me out, i have so many projects dependent on this computer.

    Secondly, like i said, because i use this computer for editing, I have all of my AVI files and what not on the hard drive, I backed up most of the files but there are still many that I really need, I was not expecting anything of this nature to occur. I tired using the hard drive as a master drive in my parents pc but it did not boot up, and when i use it as a slave, it says that access is denied to my documents. I know that there are many similar cases on the site to this, but none of the advice has worked for me.
    I have windows xp home editition and when i right click on the drive and go to properties, there is no security tab, only General Tools Hardware Sharing & Quota.

    All of my "computer savvy" friend's advice has worked for this situation, i hope that somebody out there has the answer, i feel so clueless.

    thank you,
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    There was probably nothing wrong with the now motherboard. The old HD and OS have all the drivers from that OLD PC, and they will never work with a NEW motherboard or PC.
    What you need to do is buy a new/get another harddisk. Install that as MASTER in your new PC. Install Windows from scratch, then install the drivers that came on the CD with that new mobo. Then install all the programs you are going to use. Install an antivirus program, such as the free AVG from Get all your Windows updates done.
    Then install the OLD harddisk with all your files on it as SLAVE in that new PC. Copy whatever you need from that old disk onto the new one.
    Then go here to get access to your "blocked" files.
  3. janedoe1611

    janedoe1611 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you

    right after i posted that i went over to best buy and talked to a tech guy for an hour about everything, he said the same thing. Except he tried charging me 90 dollars for a drive backup. ha. I will do what you said when i get the new motherboard and cpu. But i am still confused as to why BIOS did not even start up when i assembled all my new hardware. Shouldnt that have at leasted started up? Or does that have to do with the drivers for the moniter and graphics? Either way, thank you for all the advice, this forum in general has answered so many questions. This is all sort of a crash corse in computers for me, i am sort of learning on my own the hard way i guess you could say. Thanks i bunch, i will probably post again when i get the new mobo and cpu.
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