Tricky but I think possible

By dennit469
Aug 25, 2008
  1. ok guys as you will see im pretty well off when it comes to electronics but i cant figure this one out.

    ffirst of all i have alltel for my cell service and it works great everywhere but my house, i cant hold calls, send txt or anything without something messing up or it just dropping service then re-entering a few seconds later. i live in a complete dead zone but when outside i can hold a call sometimes. anyway i dont want to pay that crazy 300-350 dollars for a signal amplifier so i've turned to my spare equipment to try and make something.

    i have a old linksys 54g 802.11 b or g (cant remeber right off) wireless router. now. i was havin some thoughts of maybe i could make something out of the old router and use it to amplify the signal. i do relize that sprint is pcs some special service and cinglular/suncom is gsm service. but alltel and verizon are both cdma services. cingular and suncom and tmoble all get good service like 4 to full bars all the time because theres a tower about 5 houses down from me for there gsm service. ive looked at the closest alltel tower to me is roughly 4 miles or so(in a straight line, not roads). anyway does anyone know how i can maybe make this router into a signal amplifier, i do realize that the router doesnt recieve any signal just brodcast some form of it out. i was thinking if there was something that i could buy that would pick up the type of signal i need and send it to the router to broadcast it that it might work but routers beeing on a different channel then cell phones im just not sure. if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it?? thanks
  2. kimsland

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    I think if you plug the phone into your computer, and install all the phone software, you can use this wireless router as the connection. But other than that I'd say purchase the correct equipment (you wanted to live there!)
  3. NetCablesPlus

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    I cannot imagine getting a router to work as a cell phone amplifier. Different frequencies, different protocols, etc. It might be cheaper to switch providers and begin using one of the ones that have that nearby antenna. If they will use your current cell phone, you would simply switch who you write the monthly payments to. Probably get a free phone in the process.
  4. dennit469

    dennit469 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ha it wasnt my choice to live in a dead zone i didnt know at the time i was born it was a dead zone 19 years later, besides ive had cingular, tmobile and now alltel, cingular and such services dont get reception anyware when i travel nor in school, alltel is good with deals and service just not at my house
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