Tried Everything! Flash drive works with USB 1.1/XP home but not USB 2.0/XP Pro

By dzwlqq
Jan 9, 2007
  1. I bought a 2-Gig generic Flash drive off ebay, I knew it was risky but it was only $20 after shipping. The first computer I tired it on was my home computer. Its an older dell with a Pentium III running XP home. The computer recognized the drive just fine and of coarse gave me the little pop up saying it won’t work as good since I don’t have any USB 2.0 ports. Other than that it works just fine. So then I take the flash drive to work. The computers at work have XP pro and have USB 2.0 ports. The drive is recognized, it says it detected the new hardware, the light on the flash drive flashes for a while then goes solid for about 20 seconds then just goes off. The icon to safely remove the hardware’s is there but other than the drive becomes invisible to everything but devise manager which says it is working properly. When you click on the properties to the flash drive it shows 0 bytes available and 0 bytes being used. If I have the disk manager up while I plug the flash drive in it will show up under my C drive and it will show it having a 2 gig capacity. I’ve read every post and tried everything and it still won’t work. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks.
  2. gbalkam

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    USB Flash drive issue

    2 possible causes for this problem (that I can think of)

    1 the computers at work may have had usb flash drives disabled as a security measure by the system admin. This is common. Work systems have sensitive information that must stay within the intranet (office network) and not be removed, such as customer files, client lists, etc.
    2 the USB 2.0 flash drive MAY have been removed from the USB 2.0 port without shutting down the device (safely remove hardware), this basically FUBARs the flash drives usb 2.0 functionality, but it will still work at a reduced speed on USB 1.1 or USB 1.0. (found out the hard way... and yes it sucks)
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    read the faqs regarding flash drives. You need to low level format the drive in windows xp. (not high level format)
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