Trouble updating Avira Antivirus - And how it was fixed

By Blind Dragon
Dec 16, 2007
  1. I couldn't update for a few days so decided to start searching for a solution. It turns out that for some reason I was always being redirected from their servers and it was not by my host file. Anyways somebody through Avira had posted a solution and it worked. Just wanted to see if anybody has any ideas what could cause this.

    This is where their update servers are being redirected to (IP Address: )

    And here is the fix


    Now updates work

    Edit: from what I have seen it looks like the DNS cache may be corrupt

    here is what i could find about it on google

    that resolve to are simply domains that
    have expired with Network Solutions.
  2. Chibi12

    Chibi12 TS Rookie


    I need help, my free Avira antivirus doesnt update either (always seems to be a connection failure), but have no idea where to add the fixes you've given, any chance you can instruct me on this?!

    Totally appreciate your help!
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