Twitter's $2.99 subscription service revealed, includes an Undo Tweet option


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Forward-looking: An Undo Tweet button is one of those features that Twitter users have been requesting for years. It now looks as if their prayers could soon be answered—but it will only be available to those who subscribe to the company’s new $2.99 per month service, Twitter Blue.

Prolific leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who has uncovered numerous features in apps before they were announced, revealed Twitter Blue. It’s said to cost $2.99 per month, though Wong believes there will be more expensive tiers that offer extra features.

One of the main perks of the subscription will be the removal of ads from users’ feeds. Twitter all but revealed these plans when it acquired Scroll, a $5-per-month subscription service that removes ads from participating news sites. “We plan to include Scroll as part of an upcoming subscription offering we’re currently exploring,” the company wrote.

An Undo Tweet function is something many users will appreciate. Wong revealed that Twitter was working on the feature back in March. It allows posts to be recalled within a set time, similar to the Undo Send/Recall options in Gmail and Outlook.

Those willing to pay extra for Twitter Blue’s higher tiers will receive other benefits, including Collections, which can save your favorite tweets in one place so they can be accessed later, building on the company’s current bookmark feature.

It seems Twitter has been preparing a subscription option for some time. Before it acquired Scroll, Twitter purchased Revue, an email service that lets writers publish newsletters. And we heard back in February that it was considering a paid service to increase its revenue. Exactly how many people sign up remains to be seen, but the price is low enough that it should attract quite a few subscribers.

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Delete your account... I deleted all Social Media about 5 years ago and my life has been great.

You wanting him to delete this account on Techspot......or twitter? Ha!

Joking aside, what's the point of a recall button? Once you post something on the internet, as soon as someone reads it/sees it, what's stopping that person from snapping a screen shot and still sharing it around?


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Joking aside, what's the point of a recall button? Once you post something on the internet, as soon as someone reads it/sees it, what's stopping that person from snapping a screen shot and still sharing it around?
Considering that the article compares it to undoing a sent email, it sounds like the feature merely sets an embargo date on sent tweets (ie. lets you cancel sending the tweet for up to a minute, so only you can see it prior to being sent).

Just judging what was talked about in the article, it seems rushed and provides little value. Then again it's only $3 a month, so at least Twitter is forthright with how worthless their subscription is. It's basically an ad-free version of the site for those who want to support Twitter.


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Pay to use Twitter? Sounds like a desperation move to me. Then again you'll have someone who would proudly say they pay to use Twitter


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Look if it was 1$/year then yeah why not. A lot of user base would jump on this. I never was fan on Twitter, its a stupid service, but it has some residual use for me. Worst thing in Twitter came in 2019 IIRC when they changed UI (quite OK actually) and introduced Topics "spam-feeds" which are impossible to control and nobody asked for them.

3$/month I don't know what they smoking but marihuana is legal in California I've heard. Not worth even .5c/month.

This horrendous subscription everything-trend cannot be contained anymore. I remember like 6-7 years ago when I was joining one portal I've paid 3 GBP 'for life' to have ad-free experience on site I support. Seems reasonable. Then I moved to other things. Last year I've returned there looking for something and... hey you have to pay us now [sum] to have ad free experience/month and [sum] to download. Get lost jerks I've said.

I understand that upkeep cost money. But don't start on-line business, fanpage or non-profit website if you cannot upkeep it on your own. Non-profit websites which ask for donations are not a non-profit, period.