Two graphics cards don't work

By dae_amp_ika_dtp
May 3, 2005
  1. :( my xp wont load

    please help me. i am a new comer. i dont know if anyone still reads this topic but here it goes. I built a brand new pc:

    intel 2.4ghz
    512mb kingston ddr 3200

    the only thing that wasnt new was a PCI graphic card. the graphic card was a geforce fx5200 128mb. i had it in an older system with poor cooling. one day it went out in my old system it wouldnt display anything on the monitor. so i thought it might be my old pc that was the problem. so then i installed it in my new pc. it worked fine until i started installing some programs like NFS Undergound 2. the computer just crashed and restarted. i got an error and i sent it to microsoft. microsoft said it was a hardware issue that the graphic card got stuck in a infinite loop. it recomended to try upgrading the drivers so i did. it also said that i should buy a new card. so i did and bought a GEFORCE FX5500 8xAGP card. i installed it hoping that everything would go great. only to find that it when it got to the windows xp logo screen (the one with the bar moving left to right) that the bar thats supposed to move left to right did not show up. i set the BIOS and everthing and set it how its supposed to be. i rebooted and the bar shows but theres no blue color moving from left to the right. instead it displays the windows screen the like goes blank for a split second and shows the same screen but this time as if it were in a low color mode. the leds still flash and then stop like after 3 minutes. as if the system haulted so i put back the PCI card and everything was normal except for the Crashing and restarting. i put back the agp card and the same thing stuck now i dont know what to do. when i boot in safe mode it shows the bios keys to push..and then the colors get scrambled and it stays like that. any help would be great thank you. sorry its so long for such a new user.
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